Albert Breier

Composer and Writer

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Program Notes

Weiße Elegie

In Europe the colour of mourning is black, whereas in East Asia white fulfills that function. A Weiße Elegie (“White Elegy”) written for European instruments might therefore seem to bear a paradoxical title. But here the colour white suggests a certain lightness, and also a transcendental quality which gives to the word elegy a specific sense. Also “elegy” here retains some elements of its original greek meaning, that of a longer poem in a strictly regulated strophic form. Furthermore, for me the sounds of the viola have a certain “whiteness”, an absence of obtrusive colour.

The piece unfolds in several strophes, sometimes separated by short interludes. For most of the time, the melodic line of the viola is continuous. The piano part adds atmosphere and depth.

Weiße Elegie is dedicated to Ondřej Štochl.